Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Is What Happened To Me Today..

I did an experiment today. (I have been wanting to this for a while)

I stopped eating gluten in June.

Today I ate a gigantic, fried pork tenderloin sandwich on white bread.

As soon as I finished my sandwich, I felt really full. 

Of course! Right?!

Then I felt a slight pain in my stomach, followed by the kind of energy depletion that goes along with lack of sleep, and also a very minor, but definitely present headache.

I ate the sandwich about 5 hours and I still feel the effects from it.

I never thought I could five up gluten because sandwiches have always been some of my favorite meals..
..but the reason it is so easy for me to eat cleaner is the way I feel.
When I eat heavy, empty-calorie foods, I feel heavy and have zero energy.
When I eat clean, whole foods, I feel energetic, light, fun, and happy.
What you put in your body can affect you so much more than you know until you just dive into better foods.

What's the best thing about taking the steps necessary to feel your best?
If you get off track, just get back on again!
So you had a giant fried pork tenderloin sandwich for lunch?!
No big deal! 

Click HERE to find a 2-Day Clean Eating Reboot for between the holidays!.. Even if you don't do all of it, that is okay! 

Even just having a glass of warm lemon water in the morning is going to give you a jump start on your metabolism and have a detoxifying effect on your liver. 

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