Tuesday, March 1, 2016

maybe we'll try it again.

I don't know whether or not I am going to start blogging again.
..if so, it won't be all "healthy food shit"... it's just going to be me. and my thoughts.
because, fuck it. i care about my health.. but i can't force anyone to care about their own..

I haven't written any blogs since i joined the DDC (dead dad club) because I thought he was the only one who read it... he was the only one who gave me feedback on it anyway...   

So I have been thinking about how much i enjoy working at my new job... feeling like a real nurse- taking care of people that I don't have to convince to take their meds, because the majority of medical patients WANT their meds instead of thinking it's poison... (which, I wouldn't take my meds if i were schizo. So i can't blame them)...  but either way- here goes it!
   list of...

Reasons I Will Miss Psych Nursing:

1.       me:   "How are you today, Mister Patient?"

      patient (male):  "How would you like to  have your stomach and    
                         eyes cut out?!?!"

2.         me:    "Hi cutie pie!!"

      Patient (male):     "FUCK YOU, BITCH!!!"

3.      me:   "Here's your medicine."

        patient (male):   *laying on the floor, convulsing* 
                                               "Get away from    
                                                    me, you Demon!!"

4.      patient (female):   "You're my favorite hero sandwich!!!!"

5.      patient (female):   *giggling, staring off into space*
                        "i think i see jesus."


6.      patient(male):  *throwing an entire costco- size box of 
                                            tampons into the air*
                          "welcome to my world!.. this is my world.. 
                           and you are just living in it.. or is  
                           this your world, and i'm just living in 

live long & prosper, my friends.

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