Sunday, November 2, 2014


Bowel Movements RULE! 


This evening I will be making a new video on how to ferment foods!

I think it will be helpful for anyone, whether you have GI issues, or you just simply want to improve your bowel movements, probiotic rich foods are a good, easy, cheap way to do that!!  (:

I know a lot of you have seen these adorable poop charts, but I wanted to put them here in my blog because I love the visuals.

..i might add that if you take a probiotic supplement, to know it is working would be to see your stool as missile-shaped. (above: top-middle)

I could literally talk about the GI tract all day! Lately, I have focused a lot of my research efforts on maximizing energy and learning how to have optimum bowel health.

Hippocrates has been quoted as saying: 

"All disease begins in the gut."

Which we are just finding out, 2,000 years later, through scientific research, just how true those words are.

Hippocrates being the "Father of Medicine," said: 

"Let thy food by they medicine and let they medicine by they food."

I cannot stress the importance of these words.

You can spend a little time and money on your health now, and a lot less later
or you can spend no time on your health now, but a lot of time and money on it later.

Don't ever be shy to talk about your poop. 
You would be surprised how many people suffer from bowel disorders, food intolerances, & allergies.

This poop blog is definitely for EVERYONE, but especially for my friends with bowel issues. 
I know there are a lot of you, and I hope you guys watch my fermentation video and find it fun and entertaining, but most of all, I hope it helps your health.

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