Friday, December 12, 2014

Today's Social Experiment.

Today I embarked upon a journey that was nothing short of awesome.

These days, it's easy to handicap ourselves from human interaction.
We live right on top of each other, but everyone is a stranger.

I do write this blog, but I also make a conscious effort to limit my time spent staring at a screen. 

That is why, pictured here... you can see my telephone. 
That's right! It flips open. It has buttons. It does not have internet. 

I like to interact with people in real life. The internet is nice. I like the internet. I am in no way anti-internet!...

I like to know what people are doing. Which is why travel entices me! What are people doing  everywhere and why?! What makes people do the things they do?! Why are some people so damn happy and some so sad?!

So there's this shop in the inner city, kind of near north side.. it looks like a bicycle shop. There are bicycles outside.. So does this shop sell bicycles?! and what an unusual location to sell bicycles.. somewhat hidden, nothing else around.. except, buildings that are not shops?..  I've never heard of this place..

Like most people I know of my generation, I am somewhat reserved about going into a random place that I have no idea what it is! But there are BICYCLES! 

I should go inside that place and see if they would sell me their bicycles!

I walk in and there are three people sitting in a circle. 
   They all smile at me.. 
I go on about how I found them and why I walked inside.
They seemed delighted. We talked about all kinds of things.. like bicycles and jobs and their program!

Which is awesome!

Freewheelin' is a youth development organization that uses bicycles to captivate a child's interest by working on the bikes and riding them. These activities teach life skills, good health habits, and leadership! 

You can volunteer, donate, or purchase bikes.

They do a lot of cool stuff with the kids, and they also have programs for adults. 
You can navigate their website from here for more information.

...the moral of my story: If you are curious about something, just go talk to people. I have passed this little bike shop so many times so curious about what their story is. 
         Now I know & now I have a story to go along with it.

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