Tuesday, March 22, 2016

happy birthday, dad!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! 

i miss you and i never thought i would lose you while i was still in my twenties. but that is part of life and the things you've taught me are endless. but i figured i would compile a list of the first 5 that pop into my mind right now:

1- you taught me to be real tough. like, REAL tough.. and only those who were closest to you know what I am talking about.. (= 

2- i can do anything. you never doubted what i can and can't do.. you very much lived by the Henry Ford quote: "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right!" 

3- you were always supporting my crazy ideas.. whether it was traveling, philosophy, work, or general goals, you always made me feel like whatever i wanted to do was a great idea! or whatever thoughts i had were valid.

4- you make me question EVERYTHING. 

5- you were the most attentive person i've ever encountered.. 

the pain of losing my father is the most i have ever felt. death is a part of life and the utmost crucial aspect of what makes living so special.

 if i would have had any other dad, i wouldn't be half as tough, half as independent, half as knowledgable, half as frugal, and half as resilient to the things i cannot control.
for this, i am lucky. 

he allowed me the opportunity of looking up to someone who displayed curiosity in their everyday existence and encounters with all people, places, and things.

and this is probably the number one reason why i am so curious.

eager to seek new opportunities.

new encounters.

new travels.

and live my life.

not merely going through the motions of daily routine.
but seeing the world through i different lens.

"May you live every day of your life."  -Jonathan Swift

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