Monday, November 10, 2014

Need More Energy? Or Help Losing Weight?

... up your intake of Medium-Chain-Triglycerides. 

MCTs, which I talked about briefly in I Am A Fat Lady!!, are a very unique kind of fat because they require little work from your body to absorb, utilize, and store.

MCTs are found mostly in coconuts and breast milk. (which is just one benefit to doing your cooking in coconut oil).

MCTs work in the mitochondria of your cells, which if you remember from high school biology, is the power-house of the cell! It works to increase your metabolism. Which is good news if you struggle with weight issues (65% of Americans reading this).

**I would like to add that metabolism is not some fancy word that only has to do with how well you can lose weight. Metabolism is how effectively your cells can react to their environment, nutrients, growing, reproducing, maintaining their structure, etc.. If your body is not metabolizing well, a side effect can be weight gain. This can be a direct correlation to diet. If you are having a difficult time losing weight, don't give up. You have to factor in how long you have been giving your body food that it either doesn't need or food that your body has a difficult time processing.**

MCTs are unique from their fatty acid counterparts, long-chain-triglycerides, because when they are consumed, they go straight from your digestive tract to your liver(via your portal vein). This gives you quick energy. Other fats need the help of digestive enzymes released by the pancreas to aid in absorption. 

Incorporating supplemental MCT oil into your diet can have a multitude of benefits. 


           -quick energy
           -muscle rebuild & prevention of protein breakdown 
                                              (this is great for athletes!)
           -weight loss
           -better mental focus
           -better immunity
           -better nutrient absorption

MCTs are good for the aging population and babies because of their unique ability to facilitate the absorption of nutrients. 

All in all, MCTs help your cells function better, it is difficult to compile a list of benefits, because it will literally help with every aspect of your physical and mental health.
I use MCTs every day in my coffee, if you'd like to see how I make my coffee every morningcheck out my video about how to make bulletproof coffee here!! Yes, I do this every morning.

Do I suggest everyone use supplemental MCT oil??
     If you have an extra $15/month to spend, yes. I use it every day. Not to help me lose weight, but because of the way it makes me feel. I am more alert, I think more clearly, I stay full after my coffee until lunch, and it helps my body absorb nutrients better. I typically take my Vitamin D with my coffee so that it will be absorbed more effectively! If you live in north america, you are more likely than not, Vitamin D deficient.
To purchase the MCT oil used in my video, click here. 
(I am not being paid by anyone to write this. I utilize this product and find it to be a wonderful, and essential, part to any day I wish to function optimally)

If you do not want to spend money on supplemental MCT oil, I suggest consuming coconut oil if you don't already. I suggest everyone cook with coconut oil because it is so delicious and good for you. I do everything with coconut oil, especially in the winter when my skin is dry. I take baths in it, I use it as lotion, I cook in it. Research suggests that populations that consume more coconut actually live longer. And I think it might have something to do with the Medium Chain Triglycerides! 

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