Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How To Make Your Vegetables Even Healthier!

Put them in a jar and don't let them breathe for a few days!...

....essentially, that is it!

Fermented Vegetables are capable of the following:

Heal & Build Immunity!

Balance Your Inner Ecosystem!

Enhance Digestion!

Nourish Your Body!

Experience AMAZING FLAVORS!!!!

The thing I love most about fermented food is the intense flavor!! They can be quite addicting, and the energy they give you is amazing! It's like taking a probiotic on steroids!

Basically, you need to have a good inner ecosystem to have good digestion, good digestion means good bowel movements,  & good bowel movements means happiness. Basically. (side note: i think i am going to call my "movement," the Bowel Revolution).

Probiotics are microorganisms that you can add to your gut bacteria. Typically, if you have a good, broad spectrum of gut bacteria, your digestion and immunity can function properly.

Scientists are finding more and more research supporting gut health being a direct relation to just about every disease you can think of. I never believed this, until I started doing my own research. Reading books, going to classes and continuing education seminars, and also experimenting with my own lifestyle and diet.

Basically, if we eat well, and nourish our insides, our bodies will be really good to us. Our energy can increase, our skin can look radiant, our hair can be ridiculously soft, our eyes so crystal clear. We can sleep better, lose weight, think clearly, and overall feel really, really good.

Fermented veggies basically go through a process of their good bacteria flourishing in an anaerobic environment, this process makes the good bacteria reproduce and convert sugars and starches into lactic acid. The lactic acid is very alkalizing and cleansing to your blood. 

Here's how you can ferment your own VEGGIES!!  (:

I gathered all of my vegetable and washed them well. 
After it was all said and done, I ended up using:

 1 garlic clove
1 sweet onion
2 heads of cabbage (1 red, 1 green)
2 beets
1 carrot
handful of leeks
1 granny smith apple
little bunch of baby kale
2 cups of PURE water
2 probiotic capsules

So here are my veggies!
(Before you cut everything up and throw it in the food processor, save about 4 leaves from each cabbage)

And here is the Kale and Leeks and Garlic that I threw into my glass bowl. I chopped these, but everything else, I used the food processor. (Texture is all personal preference)

NOTE: Glass bowl is very important. Some metals can compromise the integrity of your good bacteria, so for fermenting, use your glass bowl.

Then, I had a great time with the food processor!
All my veggies besides Kale, Leeks, and Garlic.

Then you get to mix it all together with your hands!

Then measure out about 2 cups of your torn up vegetables..

Then add 2 cups of PURE DISTILLED water and BLEND.

After you have a nice little mix of pureed "brine"
I added 2 probiotic capsules to give it an extra boost.
I also added a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Note: Stir, DO NOT BLEND THE PROBIOTICS. they are alive! 
so they would appreciate that you don't hurt them.

Then I just mixed the brine in with the veggies and packed them tightly into jars with about 1"-2" of room at the top, where i packed the cabbage leaves in so that my vegetables would be submerged in the "brine."

Now the hard part..
             waiting for them to be done. 
Usually about 3-7 days is good. The longer you let them ferment, the more tangy they will get. So again, that is personal preference.

I don't ever follow recipes, with hopes that I will inspire other people that don't like to follow recipes to get in the kitchen and make some stuff!!  (:

To see my very mediocre and very short, under 40 seconds YouTube video of what a blast I had making this, click here!! 

Otherwise, Have a wonderful day and I hope to see some comments! 


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