Thursday, November 20, 2014

Candy & Strawberries


Sugar from candy and sugar from strawberries are two different kinds of sugars, and your body reacts to those sugars differently. The sugars from both are classified as simple carbohydrates, so what is making them so different from each other?!


As soon as you eat candy, your small intestine sends signals to your brain that you just got a rush of sugar. Your brain then tells your pancreas to start pumping out insulin like crazy. 
Insulin's job is to allow sugar into your cells for energy!! A process called Glycolosis, which is very complicated, but if you're curious, here is one minute of medical school.

So, who cares and why does this matter?

A strawberry, and all fruits for that matter, have enough fiber to keep your blood sugar from spiking because it is not being absorbed all at once. It is giving your body a nice steady stream of energy.. think of it as the difference between a nice, calm, summer rain shower(strawberry) and torrential downpour(candy).

This is also one reason why you can become addicted to sugar.. you literally get a temporary "energy high."

As soon as your insulin grabs all the sugar from your coca-cola(assuming that your pancreas is working okay) you have a drastic decrease in blood sugar, which results in you feeling shaky, light headed, brain fog, maybe even cold and clammy

So what do you do?

-Grab some candy
 -spike your blood sugar(energy high), 
   -and the cycle repeats. 
 -You will crash again, 
  -need that next fix,
   -grab the first sugary thing you see, 
    -and consume it.

When you consume simple carbs without fiber, your pancreas is working overtime.. and just like anything else, you can't expect optimal performance from something if you don't take care of it.

Examples of Simple Carbs to Avoid:

Table Sugar

What You Can Do To Maintain Healthy Blood Sugars:

-Decrease simple sugar consumption. (with the obvious exception of fruit!)
-Eat More GOOD protein!  Protein keeps you full because you digest it slowly.
-Decrease the amount of sugar you use to sweeten things, and over time you will realize you want less and less..
-Eat high fiber foods! (i love nothing more than cashew butter on a banana)  
-DO NOT replace sugar with artificial sweeteners!!
-Read your labels and check for hidden sugars!
   Sugar can hide in plenty of drinks and foods that are marketed as "HEALTHY."
next time you are at the store and see these guys, check out their sugar content..
Check out my Sugar Challenge if you haven't already!

Healthy Habits take time to develop. 
Be nice to yourself. Your body will reward you, I promise!

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