Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That Banana Has A Lot Of Sugar!

HEY! that banana has a lot of sugar in it! 
...about 14g to be exact.

Well, I have yet to write about the difference between natural fruit sugars and added sugar, but to put it short and sweet, the sugar from processed foods do not contain the amount of fiber a fruit does. The importance here lies within how your body metabolizes a rush of sugar(soda) VS a nice steady release of sugar(fruit).

In my video, I talked about bananas containing inulin, which is a prebiotic. 

Prebiotics feed your intestinal bacteria, keeping everything in the gut happy. Since your gut bacteria is your first line of defense for your immune system, we can see why the fiber is important. 

The banana also contains about 17.6% of our Vitamin C intake, so another good nutrient for our immune system.

Potassium and Vitamin C aid in oxygen 
transport throughout the body, to renew 
and revitalize you skin.

Bananas are good for post work-out recovery 
and muscle response.

Bananas also help your kidneys and eliminate fluid retention.. which can give you a more youthful appearance. 

I love eating bananas plain, but i also enjoy putting almond or cashew butter on them, as well as adding them to smoothies.

1 banana

1 handful of strawberries

1 cup of coconut milk, or more!

a couple ice cubes.

...and you have a banana-strawberry smoothie!  

Be sure to watch my YouTube video about Bananas if you have't seen it!


  1. So, i was inspired by you to create this 'bananas in bandanas' gang.. I was wondering if you might like to join? ;)

    But for real, ive been inspired to go make a smoothie right now... (frozen) bananas, apple, coconut milk, & I guess maybe some avocado..altho im really unsure how well its gonna jive with the others.. ill report back & let you kno :)

    Thank you for banana-schooling us all..!

    1. I would love to join Bananas In Bandanas! (:

      I am so excited to hear this is inspiring. That is all I want this to be. (:


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