Friday, October 17, 2014

My First Blog: A Nurse Turned Health Enthusiast

This is my first attempt at blogging, and this is why:
           I am a registered nurse. I was a nursing assistant for 4 years before that. Since I was 6 years old, I have wanted to take care of people.  
          My frustration lies in the fact that the nursing field (depending on what you do, and more times than not) is not a whole lot about taking care of people, but maintaining them enough to stay alive while they suffer through a disease process.
          I feel as though I can help people in a much better way, and that is through food. exercise. sleep. Everyone knows that these 3 things are what keeps us happy and healthy. But why isn't anyone making it their priority?
          That is where I feel that I can make a difference.
I want to get people EXCITED & MOTIVATED about their health! I want people not only to know how to improve their lives, but to understand why these things are important. 
          I can't make everyone eat healthy, or exercise, or get 8 hours of sleep every night, but I can provide you with motivation AND information as to why these things are so vital to your health. I can provide this blog as a go-to for when you are struggling to stay healthy. 

          What I really want is to share information about health and how food can and should be your medicine. Eating healthy, WHOLE FOODS, is not at all more expensive, but it is harder and more time consuming. But if your health is your priority, it will make all the difference in your energy level and brain function (mood, fatigue, alertness, etc). If you can have amazing energy and feel good, why wouldn't you want to make that your           

          Please feel free to leave me questions. My audience will drive this blog and together we can make positive changes in our lives. I am here to help and motivate! So let's go!

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