Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our Brains Are Shrinking

A diet consisting mostly of processed and refined carbohydrates, added sugar, high 
sodium, saturated fat, and trans fat is literally shrinking our brains.

          We have a protein in our brain known as BDNL (brain derived neurotrophic factor). This protein's job is basically to protect our existing brain cells(neurons), as well as 
supporting the growth of new ones.

          People who eat a western diet have significantly less BDNL than their whole foods consuming counterparts.

          I stumbled across a video on MindBodyGreen from a psychiatrist named Dr.Drew Ramsey who goes into a little more detail about how some of the foods we consume are shrinking our brains, literally making us less intelligent and decreasing our IQs. 

          I have experience as a psychiatric nurse and I couldn't help but feel the same way when he questions what the brain of a patient with mental illness would look like when consuming more whole foods like kale, wild caught salmon, and almonds.

          It is definitely worth 15 minutes of your day:
          Click here to view Dr.Drew Ramsey talk about how foods can affect your brain!

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