Monday, March 16, 2015

Stop Making Excuses..

Excuses are a coping mechanism for regret.

This is not a quote I stole from the internet. This is an observation I have made in my life interacting with many people.

excuses will hold you back from so much.

If you really want to do something, you will.
And if you don't really want to, you will not.

It is a battle between what you want, and whatever habit or excuse you make for yourself that you wish to continue.

I want people to be happy.. happy and interesting.
When I talk to people and I hear them say:

 "I wish I could do this, BUT.."
 "I would totally do that if I didn't have 'X' holding me back."
"I will quit 'X' someday.."

I am talking about the excuses we make for our behaviors...

           our health habits...

                        why we don't see more of the world...

Everywhere I go, there are excuses.. and the problem lies with time.. and this false sense of having plenty of it.


"I will stop smoking tomorrow.."
........ when I already have COPD........

"I will start eating better tomorrow.."
......... when I am already suffering the consequences of unhealthy eating habits....

"I will exercise tomorrow....."
......... because tomorrow I will have way more time than today?....

"I will see the world when my kids are grown...."
........ because I will totally have the energy in 18 years to deviate from the habits I have grown accustomed to my entire life.......

How do you stop making excuses?

 Realize what your priorities are.

either you do things, or you don't.. excuses about why you can't is wasted energy.

If you set your mind to something, you can do it. 
Anything is possible.. 

Don't use excuses as a means to not do things. 

Accountability is something I love, but I see so many people struggle with it.
 People in general love putting the blame elsewhere.... took me years to learn how to take accountability and stop making excuses... but I did it, and it can be done.

When you start taking accountability for why you can or cannot do things, you will feel much more control over your life, which will in return, make you a much more satisfied person.

I am not trying to make people feel bad about decisions they make.
I am making an attempt to help people do what they really want because one day, you won't have that choice. And it is just that. A CHOICE.

I am finding more and more that most people do NOT realize that most things in life are a choice.

So name one thing you want(or want to do) MORE than anything.
               ..and now figure out how you are going to do it.
..make that your priority.

We don't have forever.. and death is certainly certain. be the person you want to be.. and do all the things you want to do...
....all while loving every minute.
All you have is time.. but only a finite amount.


taken @ Acadia N.P. in Maine. 


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