Friday, March 27, 2015

$2.5 Trillion

..sitting in a meeting today, I got to thinking...

2.5 Trillion $$$$$  spent on healthcare in 2009.

I can't help but want to jump out of my skin when I hear how much people spend on "healthcare."

If other prices rose as quickly as healthcare since 1948:

a dozen eggs would cost $55
a gallon of milk would cost $48
a dozen oranges would cost $134

  • Eighty-four percent of all health care spending in 2006 was for the 50% of the population who have one or more chronic medical conditions.15
  • The total costs of heart disease and stroke in 2010 were estimated to be $315.4 billion. Of this amount, $193.4 billion was for direct medical costs, not including costs of nursing home care.16
  • The total estimated cost of diagnosed diabetes in 2012 was $245 billion, including $176 billion in direct medical costs and $69 billion in decreased productivity. Decreased productivity includes costs associated with people being absent from work, being less productive while at work, or not being able to work at all because of diabetes.18
  • The total cost of arthritis and related conditions was about $128 billion in 2003. Of this amount, nearly $81 billion was for direct medical costs and $47 billion was for indirect costs associated with lost earnings.19
  • Medical costs linked to obesity were estimated to be $147 billion in 2008. Annual medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those for people of normal weight in 2006.20
  • For the years 2009–2012, economic cost due to smoking is estimated to be more than $289 billion a year. This cost includes at least $133 billion in direct medical care for adults and more than $156 billion for lost productivity from premature death estimated from 2005 through 2009.11

These Statistics are straight from the CDC and are all preventable illnesses.

I want so badly to make change. And to educate people on disease prevention and how easy it CAN be.  SIMPLE lifestyle changes.

I have heard the objective that healthy people die too... so who cares?

Yes, healthy people die.. because that's a natural part of life.

But healthy people will live out their life feeling well, being active, and completely able bodied to do all of the things they enjoyed at 30.

Growing old does not have to mean feeling tired, having achy joints, and becoming more forgetful.
..they are signs of neglecting your health. eat your friggin' vegetables.

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