Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Write Down YOUR Crazy Ideas!!!!

I received a message today that looked something like this:

Is it possible for a out of shape lazy person like myself to learn yoga in the least humiliating way lol"

and ended with:

"thank you so much nancy! i love when you post your bananas among us stuff"

so i want to post some photos and chat about goals.
this was a delicious smoothie i consumed yesterday!!  :)

this is me.

this is me again!

So my friend says to me that he wants to be able to crush a beer can on his abs one day..

..i am going to assume he was serious.. but either way.. the thing about goals is that they can be ANYTHING!! Goals are fun because they give you something to aim for. I write down all of my goals.. actually, I write down everything.. otherwise I would not ever get anything done.. lists are my friends!!  

I worked with this really amazing therapist at a really not-so-amazing Psychiatric Hospital.. and I used to tell him some crazy iadeas, and he would say, write it down.

"Write down all your crazy ideas!!!"

...and I thought he was crazy... but he was actually on to something. 
I have found that since I have been writing down my goals, when I go back to evaluate them, I am checking them off!! I am doing ALL of my goals. 
....and I have MANY.

I write down things as simple as.. 

"Pet Kittens"
"Smile a lot"
"Be really, really genuinely happy today"
"Drink some hot tea"
"Smile some more"

as well as grocery lists.. homework assignments.. personal obligations.. car stuff... reading.. whatever...
i make a list as soon as a wake up in the morning.

whenever I do not make a list... I never get anything done... which is maybe just because I need that structure to stay on task.. otherwise I will be stuck at the pet kittens part forever..

check out this book... can find it by clicking here on Amazon.

I bought this book a year ago, and it has been so helpful in so many ways with achieving my goals... and it is super fun to read. it's got all different sized font and lots of good stories and ideas... it is one of, if not, the best book I own.

However big or small your goals: 

petting kittens today...  or becoming a millionaire by age 55.
..getting a really fit body.. or thinking more positively about the future..
..reminding yourself to be more mindful.. 

..whatever your goals.. write them down. and just do them.

it's super rewarding.

Stay Beautiful. & Smile.  (:

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  1. I really liked this post! I want to look closely at the 5 yr goal/planning book too. Thanks Nancy!


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