Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Be My Valentine!!


i am really excited for Valentine's Day!
Just like I was for Groundhog's Day.

Groundhog's Day is my favorite holiday.. but this year i had to work. 
Why is Groundhog's Day my favorite?!?!

1)....you don't need a family to celebrate.

2) no one gets special pay or days off making it fair for everyone to either work or not work.

3) groundhogs are adorable.

4) even though the Groundhog usually sees his shadow(meaning 6 more weeks of winter)... it's still kind of an initial stepping stone for spring.
and who doesn't love spring after a freezing winter!!??

So I wasn't actually planning to talk about Groundhog's Day, I wanted to talk about Valentine's Day!! 

Talking about Groundhog's Day was so much more exciting than anything I could possibly say about Valentine's Day..

...what i actually wanted to focus on was self love.. because when you first decide to truly love yourself, all sorts of other things fall into place..  so here's a really great info graphic on why you should be nicer to yourself. *this info graphic even cites its sources..  (:

**self compassion brings about more constant feelings of self worth than self esteem.**

..so this year, ditch your Valentine and take yourself out for a night on the town!!  <3  

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