Monday, April 18, 2016

happy eating.

there are many, MANY ways our healthcare system completely sucks assholes. but i think the first and foremost is the lack of concentration on diet.
here, take this medicine for depression.. while completely failing to acknowledge that a happy brain cannot function on shitty, processed foods.
Even a lot of foods that are marketed as 'healthy' are not. and that's so unfortunate for people who don't fully understand how the body processes food. (not that i do completely- but i have studied nutrition a bit. in school and outside of school.)
all in all, eating your vegetables is hands down the best thing you can do for your little body.  also, drinking plenty of water.
water is water. there is no substitute for water.. even crystal light. that's not water. water is water. water is 70% of your biological make up and you need to consume it.
i wouldn't be so passionate about thinking, writing, and learning about food if i have never found benefit from it.

so here i am.. experimenting with another way of eating..
             add the no dairy, plus no gluten.. and it's like, wtf do you eat?!

well- vegetables...

but a select few. not all of them.

holy shit, it's hard.

but one thing that makes it bearable is my VitaMix and a partner who helps me create a lot of food... and by helps, i mean, if he didn't make the sauces- i would just eat my vegetables plain, with no seasoning because i am lazy AF.

FODMAP is an acronym for certain molecules found in food that have been shown to be poorly absorbed by some people. it's essentially a diet for people who suffer with IBS, but IBS is such a blanket term.. and what i'm finding with the more i read and learn is that even if you don't have constipation or diarrhea, it doesn't mean you don't have problems with your gut health. just about any adverse symptom someone has, i believe, is linked to their digestion.

so why i am doing this FODMAP?
because ridding my eating habits of dairy has helped my skin significantly!!! i don't have nearly the acne i did before i cut dairy out of my diet..  but i still get it. 
if my skin is still breaking out from time to time- there is something inside of my little body that's not working properly.. OR, i am ingesting something that my body has a hard time processing..
so i am experimenting with FODMAPs.. to see if it improves even more.
so far, it's been hard to get used to figuring out what you can and cannot eat- but i am real curious to find out if there are certain foods my skin responds better to.

the takeaway i'm trying to add here for my readers- all 5 of you- is that food allergies can manifest in SO many different ways. headaches, body aches & pains. skin issues. etc.  there is so much you can do for your body through eating good food, and i think that it's important for people to know that they can experiment with their eating habits to heal so much more than just an image in a mirror. it's more than eating healthy because you want to maintain a certain weight- we should be eating healthy so that we can feel good and our bodies can propel us thru a vibrant, beautiful life.

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